Paleo Mayo!


Hey y’all! Quick post here. Yesterday I made my own mayo, and guess what? It’s not hard to do! I used this easy recipe from Everyday Paleo. She has a link on there for pasteurizing your own eggs, and even has a how to video if you are a little culinarily shy (challenged) and would like to watch someone do it before you try.

So why make your own mayonnaise? Because all natural homemade mayo cuts back on preservatives, has no added sugar, and doesn’t use soybean or canola oil which is bad for you! BAD!

If you are ready to make your own mayo, okay with raw eggs, and don’t need a video then here you are. Also, I halved the recipe because I don’t really use a lot of mayo and the shelf life is only a few weeks when using raw eggs. To date my jars I just cut the sticky part of a Post-it, and write the date. This way I don’t poison myself or anyone else in the family (or at least I can’t be liable if a poisoning does occur).

Paleo Mayo From Sarah Fragoso (Everyday Paleo)

2 eggs

2 cups olive oil

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1 teaspoon yellow mustard

1 teaspoon sea salt

1/3 teaspoon cayenne pepper

In a blender, add the eggs, vinegar, and mustard and blend together well – leave the blender running and slowly slowly slowly drop by drop or very slow drizzle add the olive oil.  BE PATIENT!!  Do not dump all the oil in quickly and give up!!  When the mixture begins to emulsify or thicken, only then can you be a bit faster about pouring in the olive oil but still take your time.  Turn the blender off once all the olive oil is in and the mayonnaise is thickened to your desired consistency.  Add the salt and cayenne pepper and mix well or blend again for another few seconds.


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