New Cookbook, And The Fruits Of My Labor!


I found this cookbook at the counter in Dillard’s while doing some Christmas shopping. It was only $10.00 and all proceeds when to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Little side note: the Ronald McDonald House was actually my college sorority Alpha Delta Pie’s philanthropy. This cookbook is AMAZING! has over 400 recipes, decorating ideas, and lots of pictures! I am a sucker for a cookbook with lots of pictures! Anyway, I have made a few things out of this cookbook, and so far so good!

Saturday me and some of my Auburn besties had a girls night. I was asked to bring a desert and I picked a chocolate tart out of this cook book. I have never cooked a tart and didn’t have an actual tart pan, so I used a pie pan that resembles a tart pan. I then proceeded to misread the directions on how to fold the dough, and didn’t realize it until after the crust came out of the oven. Oh well, because it still came out freaking delicious! Also, who knew a tart would take a total of about 5 hours to complete. Not this girl who spent her whole saturday waiting on it to refrigerate, roll out, freeze, bake, cool, warm, and cool again! All complaining aside; I can not wait to make another one of these. Next time I’ll have to time the recipe out better, make it prettier, take much better pictures,perfect the recipe and post it with helpful tips! Here it is anyway! A Candied Orange Dark Chocolate Tart.


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  1. Curtis said if you keep serving your girlfriends all these goodies you are going to put them on the chubby chart. It looks like overtime in the gym to me. Looks good though. Love ya Mom

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