Thanksgiving: Caramel Apple Pie and Green Bean Casserole


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I know mine was! Trent and I went to his mother’s home in Birmingham. We had quiet the crowd, and the food was awesome. I have to say Trent’s step dad made the BEST fried turkey I have ever had! For this occasion I made a Caramel Apple Pie, and a Green Bean Casserole. I found the caramel apple pie crust to be PERFECT, but I made a few mistakes while making the filling, so I don’t think the pie turned out exactly right. I even forgot to peel the apples! Who does that!? Even thought it looked and tasted nice, I think I am going to give pies a rest for a little while. I kinda miss my cheesecakes. The green bean casserole that I always make is from Alton Brown, however I didn’t use his onion technique. I fried my own onions, and they were salty and great! I honestly will never use another recipe for green bean casserole ever again. This casserole is to die for: its easy, tasty, looks good, and it makes great leftovers. It never turnes into the slopy mess most green bean casseroles do.

♥ Tyler!


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