Oh Christmas Tree!?!


This is Trent and I’s first year together, so everything that happens is our “first”: anniversaries, holidays, meeting friends & family, concerts, trips, dates, movies…. you name it, and I am pretty pumped about it. Trent is a pretty normal guy. He enjoys sports, tailgating, stocks, electronics, Los Vegas, vodka, you get the point. He doesn’t enjoy shopping and hobby lobby, baking, decorating for holidays, planning dinner parties, or any of the stuff I obsess over.

With that said, I am very, very, very grateful when he not only obliges my whimsy, but puts his own little spin on things. The other night he surprised me by pulling out some pre-Tyler Christmas decor, which wasn’t half bad. My favorite was a moose made from bark and cork that Trent named “Chris-moose”! We even used his christmas tree skirt for our FIRST Christmas Tree!!!! (which we picked up from Home Depot yesterday) I have to say, our tree picking out skills have some room for improvement, or the guy who cut the base of our tree needs to work on his skills, because our tree looks like it’s leaning from almost every angle.

We put it up with no problems. I decorated it with no problems. Then, when I was placing  the LAST ornament onto it, the whole tree came crashing down on me [literally]. Trent rescued me and put the tree back up. Now it’s a leaning-lopsided tree, but its standing and I am not laying underneath it with shattered ornaments all around. And that ladies and gentlemen spells SUCCESS!

♥ Tyler!


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  1. Very pretty tree. It sounds like you had a time putting it up but that’s what makes memories. I’m going to miss you this christmas but I hope you and Trent have a great christmas and teasure the memories that you make together. Love you and miss you. Hi Trent. Mom

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