Whiskey Buttermilk Pie Results


This pie looked way better than it tasted! Don’t get me wrong, it was a tasty pie. It just lacked a strong flavor of anything. It wasn’t sweet; it didn’t have a strong bourbon flavor; it really didn’t taste like much. The bourbon whip cream was good on top, but I think its better suited for a coffee liqueur drink. Over all it was a good first pie. It was super easy to make; even with the hand crafted leaf cutouts. Everyone ate the whole thing, in spite of there being 15 other desert choices, so someone liked it and went back for seconds. I got rave reviews on the crust. So mission accomplished! Now I am ready to move on to an Carmel Apple Pie for Thanksgiving dinner. Stay tuned.

Hand crafted leaf cutouts. I didn't have a cookie cutter so I just used a paring knife. Worked great!

Happy Baking

♥ Tyler


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