Realization And A Little Hot Tea


First, I would like to apologize for never posting on my blog! I have a million and two things going on. I have every intention of posting these things to my blog, but I never have time to complete my ideas in full. I will find or create a great recipe, and not make it; or make it, then forget to take pictures; or make it,take pictures, and not type up the recipe… you get the point! This is true about funny stories, fun craft projects, or whatever else I think about sharing. I have come to the realization that maybe I should hold myself more accountable and just start posting. I have had it stuck in my head that each post has to be this complete work of art from start to finish, but I know this isn’t always possible. Maybe one way for me to hold my self accountable is it post on ideas I have, and then I’ll be forced to suck it up, and complete the thought, project, meal, or expression whatever it may be.

I have a bunch of half done posts and ideas and I will start getting them out of my WordPress purgatory. And I will start this process now….. with a useless post about hot tea!

This Double Spice Chai is a black tea from Stash. A box was given to me by my friend Amy, who bought it and didn’t care for it. I kinda liked it, so she gave me the box and now I really like this tea. It was so strong, but I kinda got used to it. Once it wasnt so overwhelming I really started to like it. It has A LOT of cinnamon, ginger, clove, cardamom, allspice, coriander, and nutmeg. If you see it, and you want to dare your taste buds with double chai spice, I would actually recommend trying it. It’s a lot like drinking red hots. Great way to spice up your cold winter days!


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