Sushi Night


Sushi, sushi, and more sushi! What a great night with the girls from work. Tonight was our first time trying some homemade sushi fun. Everyone brought a few key ingredients to help make an eclectic group of sushi rolls. Some we left the Nori (seaweed) on the out side, and some we did rice on the outside. Everyone got their fingers wet and jumped in to help make dinner; putting their own spin on the type of roll they wanted to create. We even broke out my apron collection: just a little something extra to enhance the domestic look!

I sometimes can be some what of a control freak, but not tonight, tonight I had so much fun just watching everyone make sushi. It was great to see the different combinations everyone came up with. They were all so tasty! Miss Allison Moody made the sushi rice herself, and it turned out perfect. I hope she enjoyed making the rice because that is now her official duty for the next sushi night.  My favorite roll was what I was calling the “Volcano Roll”. It is a California Roll with cooked spicy scallop on top. To make the spicy sauce for the scallop we just mixed mayonnaise with Sriracha. If you have never had Sriracha it is a Thai hot sauce that is super spicy, and super yummy. To finish off the evening I made a desert sushi roll. I took homemade rice crispy treats and flattened them out. Then I added a chocolate ganache layer and some fresh cut strawberries. After all that was layered I rolled it up like a sushi roll. The result was an amazing desert treat that looked nothing like sushi, but tasted like heaven. I cant wait for Sushi Night Dos! 


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