Abandon Ship: Your recipe is WRONG!


Welcome to Lace Cookie Hell. For those of you who don’t know what a lace cookie is, here is a brief description: It is the most aggravating cookie you could ever try to make.  Butter + Sugar + Flour + Oats = Lace cookie Hell. Was that a brief enough description for you? My frustration with this batch of lace cookies is almost unrivaled as the single most aggravating baking event of my life. Let me explain. About a year ago I had my first lace cookie. It was delicious, so delicious in fact that I looked up at least 5 different variations of lace cookie recipes I wanted to try. I was so excited about them, but never got around to making any.

Last Sunday I was invited to make a desert for a Super Bowl party. I thought these lace cookies were going to be a money conserving and time effective way to bring an impressive desert to this party. Boy was I wrong! It all started with an unfortunate incident that involved me baking these lace cookies on parchment paper. They looked okay, but they stuck to the paper and all ended up in the trash. No worries I just started another batch. Wrong! I was out of butter. I had to go to the store for [just] butter; on Super Bowl Sunday; 3 hours before kick off.; I was not happy [Butter was on sale though].

And this time I doubled the recipe, because the first batch, regardless of ending up in the trash, wasn’t enough cookies. I baked a few and they spread out so much that they looked nothing like the pictures of any lace cookie I had ever seen. What had I done? Did I not double the recipe correctly? I checked my math 4 times over and I did everything right. What could be wrong? So I started checking around the internet and I turned out my recipe was wrong. There wasn’t enough flour. These cookies were A MESS!

[This is where I would like to insert the fact that I will never post a recipe that I am not 100% sure is correct and error free. Not to mention, without helpful tips to make your life easier.]

At this point I had sunk 15 dollars and 4 hours into nothing. I was so upset. I took a few deep breaths and calmly added some flour to my recipe hoping this would give me something edible to take to the party. And it did. They turned out okay. I made them look nice [Seen pictured above]. Everyone ate them up at the party, but that still didn’t reconcile the bad taste this cookie baking experience left in my mouth. When it was all said and done these cookies were a nightmare. Im not sure when, if ever, I will try to perfect my lace cookie baking skills. If you wanna try them yourself I would just warn you to double check your recipe, and be aware that with lace cookies there is a fine line between raw and burnt!


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