Music Weekend


Wow what a great weekend! Music, music, friends, more music, and more friends. Did I mention music? Friday night I had the

Yo La Tengo

opportunity to travel to Atlanta, GA, for the Yo La Tengo show. They played at the Variety Playhouse which is a small venue, in a modest historic theater.  Yo La Tengo had a hilarious opening skit where they played the theme music from Wheel of Fortune, and an audience member was selected to spin a wheel. This Wheel of

More Yo La Tengo

Fortune opening resulted in a interesting, to say the least, first set titled “Sounds of Science 2”. After a brief break the second set was kicked off by a performance of Autumn Sweater. Overall the show was phenomenal. I had a blast. I made a very special memory.

Saturday morning I was surprised with the new Iron and Wine album “Kiss Each Other Clean”. For those of you who don’t know, Iron and Wine is one of my favorite bands of all time. Samuel Beams’ [He is Iron and Wine] music is so amazing, his lyrics are untouchable, and to top it off he has the most amazing beard. And I love beards. ALL BEARDS!


Samuel Beam

Saturday night I made an appearance at The Independent bar in Auburn AL. I went to listen to a show with Bottle Up and Explode, Baby Baby, and Those Darling. I had a fun time watching all three bands perform, but Those Darling being an almost all girl group stole the show! Here are some pictures from The Independent. As you can see I had a great weekend filled with some great music and better friends. One of the great things about Auburn is that even though  it’s the furthest thing away from being an indie music hub, it still allows me to satisfy my sweet tooth for great music. It’s not ideal, but I will survive.

Those Darlings

Alyssa, Me, and Allison at The Independent

Kimberly and Me


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  1. I really love Iron and Wine’s new album, too!!! You are so right about his music being amazing…he’s such a wonderful musician and and even better lyricist. (plus- I’m also a sucker for beards) Have you heard Amos Lee’s new album? I’m going to see him in ATL on April 9th. You should come! AND can we please get together sometime soon and catch up? I’m not satisfied with our random run-ins at the grocery store.

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