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Sushi Night


Sushi, sushi, and more sushi! What a great night with the girls from work. Tonight was our first time trying some homemade sushi fun. Everyone brought a few key ingredients to help make an eclectic group of sushi rolls. Some we left the Nori (seaweed) on the out side, and some we did rice on the outside. Everyone got their fingers wet and jumped in to help make dinner; putting their own spin on the type of roll they wanted to create. We even broke out my apron collection: just a little something extra to enhance the domestic look!

I sometimes can be some what of a control freak, but not tonight, tonight I had so much fun just watching everyone make sushi. It was great to see the different combinations everyone came up with. They were all so tasty! Miss Allison Moody made the sushi rice herself, and it turned out perfect. I hope she enjoyed making the rice because that is now her official duty for the next sushi night.  My favorite roll was what I was calling the “Volcano Roll”. It is a California Roll with cooked spicy scallop on top. To make the spicy sauce for the scallop we just mixed mayonnaise with Sriracha. If you have never had Sriracha it is a Thai hot sauce that is super spicy, and super yummy. To finish off the evening I made a desert sushi roll. I took homemade rice crispy treats and flattened them out. Then I added a chocolate ganache layer and some fresh cut strawberries. After all that was layered I rolled it up like a sushi roll. The result was an amazing desert treat that looked nothing like sushi, but tasted like heaven. I cant wait for Sushi Night Dos! 


The Live Oaks Battle To Live


My routine trip with Charlie to Samford lawn, while doing laundry, always takes me underneath the Toomer’s Oaks. My time spent under the trees is brief:  just long enough to wait to cross the street. No matter how brief the time spent is, it is very special. While standing under the 130 year old live oaks, looking at the sun peak through their leaves, noticing the bits of toilet paper left behind from our last celebration, there is always a sense of pride and joy that fills my mind. Today there was a crowd gathered around the trees. People from all over came. Some of them to say what they believe to be goodbye. Some of them to bring the love and spirt they hope will keep the tree alive.  It was a beautiful afternoon to visit the Toomer’s Oaks, and I know it wont be my last. What I don’t know is how long the trees will have leaves, or even be there at all. Either way I have so many fond memories spent under those trees, and I am lucky to have participated in the Traditions of Auburn University. I have hope that Auburn can somehow save them.  If Auburn University spent 140,000 dollars defending Cam Newton, I am sure that there is no cost too high when comes to saving our beloved Toomer’s Oaks.  If money cant buy them life, then maybe the out pouring of love can. People criticize the treatment of those trees by Auburn fans, but they can’t deny the sprit of Auburn that lives in them.  As Spring rolls in many plants are coming to life, maybe one day the Toomer’s Oaks can again too.

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I love all holidays, and I especially love baking special little treats to celebrate them. Valentine’s is no exception. At the request of my friend, and coworker, Amy, I made these fabulous treats for my office. They are strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and are topped with homemade chocolate covered strawberries. Just what Cupid ordered! Hope your Valentine’s Day was filled with as much love as I put into these cupcakes. XOXO!

Abandon Ship: Your recipe is WRONG!


Welcome to Lace Cookie Hell. For those of you who don’t know what a lace cookie is, here is a brief description: It is the most aggravating cookie you could ever try to make.  Butter + Sugar + Flour + Oats = Lace cookie Hell. Was that a brief enough description for you? My frustration with this batch of lace cookies is almost unrivaled as the single most aggravating baking event of my life. Let me explain. About a year ago I had my first lace cookie. It was delicious, so delicious in fact that I looked up at least 5 different variations of lace cookie recipes I wanted to try. I was so excited about them, but never got around to making any.

Last Sunday I was invited to make a desert for a Super Bowl party. I thought these lace cookies were going to be a money conserving and time effective way to bring an impressive desert to this party. Boy was I wrong! It all started with an unfortunate incident that involved me baking these lace cookies on parchment paper. They looked okay, but they stuck to the paper and all ended up in the trash. No worries I just started another batch. Wrong! I was out of butter. I had to go to the store for [just] butter; on Super Bowl Sunday; 3 hours before kick off.; I was not happy [Butter was on sale though].

And this time I doubled the recipe, because the first batch, regardless of ending up in the trash, wasn’t enough cookies. I baked a few and they spread out so much that they looked nothing like the pictures of any lace cookie I had ever seen. What had I done? Did I not double the recipe correctly? I checked my math 4 times over and I did everything right. What could be wrong? So I started checking around the internet and I turned out my recipe was wrong. There wasn’t enough flour. These cookies were A MESS!

[This is where I would like to insert the fact that I will never post a recipe that I am not 100% sure is correct and error free. Not to mention, without helpful tips to make your life easier.]

At this point I had sunk 15 dollars and 4 hours into nothing. I was so upset. I took a few deep breaths and calmly added some flour to my recipe hoping this would give me something edible to take to the party. And it did. They turned out okay. I made them look nice [Seen pictured above]. Everyone ate them up at the party, but that still didn’t reconcile the bad taste this cookie baking experience left in my mouth. When it was all said and done these cookies were a nightmare. Im not sure when, if ever, I will try to perfect my lace cookie baking skills. If you wanna try them yourself I would just warn you to double check your recipe, and be aware that with lace cookies there is a fine line between raw and burnt!

Music Weekend


Wow what a great weekend! Music, music, friends, more music, and more friends. Did I mention music? Friday night I had the

Yo La Tengo

opportunity to travel to Atlanta, GA, for the Yo La Tengo show. They played at the Variety Playhouse which is a small venue, in a modest historic theater.  Yo La Tengo had a hilarious opening skit where they played the theme music from Wheel of Fortune, and an audience member was selected to spin a wheel. This Wheel of

More Yo La Tengo

Fortune opening resulted in a interesting, to say the least, first set titled “Sounds of Science 2”. After a brief break the second set was kicked off by a performance of Autumn Sweater. Overall the show was phenomenal. I had a blast. I made a very special memory.

Saturday morning I was surprised with the new Iron and Wine album “Kiss Each Other Clean”. For those of you who don’t know, Iron and Wine is one of my favorite bands of all time. Samuel Beams’ [He is Iron and Wine] music is so amazing, his lyrics are untouchable, and to top it off he has the most amazing beard. And I love beards. ALL BEARDS!


Samuel Beam

Saturday night I made an appearance at The Independent bar in Auburn AL. I went to listen to a show with Bottle Up and Explode, Baby Baby, and Those Darling. I had a fun time watching all three bands perform, but Those Darling being an almost all girl group stole the show! Here are some pictures from The Independent. As you can see I had a great weekend filled with some great music and better friends. One of the great things about Auburn is that even though  it’s the furthest thing away from being an indie music hub, it still allows me to satisfy my sweet tooth for great music. It’s not ideal, but I will survive.

Those Darlings

Alyssa, Me, and Allison at The Independent

Kimberly and Me