Whirling Dervish


Once upon a time, I was a history major. I loved, and still love, all things culturally historic. I took a Middle Eastern history class where we watched a video on Persian Dervishes. These monks are known as the Whirling Dervishes. They perform a physical active meditation in which they dance by whirling around in repetitive circles. I can remember the feeling of irony hitting me, as I watched and learned about this whirling to reach a meditative state. It seemed crazy, and unimportant I’m sure, to everyone around me, but I understood.

As a young girl one of my most vivid memories was when my grandfather passed away. I was bought a beautiful dress: Green with hot pink roses all over it. The best part of the dress was the skirt that would allow me to make a big beautiful spin. Like most little girls, one of the requirements of an awesome outfit was the ability to twirl in circles over and over again until you couldn’t twirl anymore, or your mother told you to stop (Debby downer). Anyway, I cry easily, and when I was little in order to teleport into my own little world I would just spin in circles.  I remember being very upset about my grandfather passing. The situation being too substantial for my tender mind to grasp launched me into a spin. The image of my dark green skirt with pink roses spinning around with me pops into my head every once in a while, because I am a non-pertain, non-Islamic Whirling Dervish.  I find the ability to embrace all life with love, and reach a meditative state while whirling through my life like a tornado.

Like the dervish, the whirling nature of my life (my dance if you will) is not intended as entertainment; however it has become an attraction for all my friends and family. This is my blog about all things me. There is no strict theme to this blog, just inspiration from my ever changing life.


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  1. I miss middle east!!! I miss “bring a food native to your country” too!!! Do you know I saw something on travel channel a few weeks back about the dervishes, and I had to be told to shutup because I was giving everyone a history lesson on them.

    PS love your ‘whirling’ pic!

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